Terms & Conditions

  • Please read these terms carefully before using any of the features or packages
  • These terms may be changed from time to time and without further notice. If you do not in agreement to abide by these or any future terms, please do not opt for the offers.
  • 1. Booking validity is three months from the date of booking.
  • 2. Cash not refundable after 30 days of booking.
  • 3. Customer can postpone booking date to a date after three months also.
  • 4. Upon Cancelation there will be a 10% deduction on total amount collected.
  • 5. The health checkup package cannot be split between two or more people.
  • 6. Check-up booked at one health care centre/hospital cannot be transferred to another health care centre/hospital.
  • 7. Check-ups cannot be transferred to any other person. In case of such transfer needed the booking person has to inform us the details of change from the registered mail id with myehealthcheckup.com.
  • 8. Client should carry proof of identity along with the client acknowledgement copy when they reach check-up centre.
  • 9. Check-up centre has the right to deny its services on the failure of the clients to handover copies of the aforesaid documents.
  • 10. Check-up packages & Treatment packages offered by myehealthcheckup.com are packages promoted by respective hospitals. MCRC is only a payment gate way for bookings at these hospitals.
  • 11. MCRC does not own any responsiblity for any delay, technical issues, customer dissatisfaction or check-up complaints that are encountered at the hospitals.
  • 12. Customers need to pay the hospitals only as per the booking rates and do not have to bear any extra cost for any recent rate changes brought about by the hospitals.
  • 13. Checkup results will be shared by hospitals as per their hospital policy.
  • 14. Any personal information pertaining to any customer will be confidential.
  • 15. In case of occurrence of any technical issues while booking, MCRC reserves the right to cancel and refund the money to the customer as per refund policy.

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