With increasing life style changes, health disorders have become rampant. Some of the biggest contributors to health problems are smoking, drinking, stress, inadequate sleep, odd working hours, obesity, and lack of exercise.

MCRC has a key role in human life and endeavors to deliver exceptional services to the mankind in the form of healthcare. MCRC is a leading firm in the health care industry involved in developing and promoting health check-up packages all over Kerala.

We at MCRC provide a common platform for individuals and corporate firms for their health care needs through myehealthcheckup.com. By using myehealthcheckup.com one can easily select the best health check-up packages at their nearest health care centers.

MCRC is committed in the increase in consumer awareness on international health care options for which, we have designed special initiatives to educate and increase the number of consumers who urge for health care. We exchange medical technology & information with the patients. Along with this it is extremely important to create transparency in pricing, quality care and communication for the people who avail our services. Our management has put all its thoughts and efforts to ensure that we stand by the people whom we could service to the best of our capacity and their requirements.

We envisage a world where healthcare is accessible at fingertips and MCRC is the way towards it.


“We are committed to provide and promote a forum for communication and increased connectivity between patients and health care providers, nurture awareness about high quality health care facilities available in various centers;serving as one touch point for all health care requirements”

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